Have you ever e…


Have you ever experienced a unique sensation, a titillating sort of joy, over a very tiny creature called bird? This is what exactly happened while I was gazing out my door.  This door was facing a huge fruit tree and thick rows of hedges and rows of orchids stuck on wood and bamboo poles.I was trying to compose another quote that would express my feelings and perception about Earth Day, as I will be among hundreds of walkers to signify support for the celebration tomorrow,I thought some kid was whistling nearby. It kept on whistling a shrill but a sing song tune. I ignored it for a while but it went on I was cut off from my thoughts hearing  the whistling repeatedly. Oh, my! what a really pretty sight looking up to what seemed to me a very tiny bird perched on top of a  twig. It truly melted my heart. And she stayed there whistling some more.  Suddenly,as  if waking from a trance, I remembered to take out my camera for a shoot, slowly making my way out the door but she has already flown before I reached the porch. The earth, our Earth is indeed a haven and heaven of beautiful, spectacular sights.We MUST  be grateful to  our GOD, praise HIM for the beautiful creatures, the wonderment that HE alone could  give us to enjoy. Happy Earth Day!


I’ts been two …


I’ts been two weeks now. I had in mind to really spend extra time to make up for the lost ones before I went  gaga over some writing chores for the city official blog.I lost.Now, my weekend does not look good at all. I’m still stuck with same ch0re.We have but one week to finish our write ups for the forthcoming National Literacy Award.Sunday I have to be on the road for the Earth Day celebration. I hope ,highly, to capture some shots of the activity and eventually write about them here.

You are home!I …


You are home!

I waited till night comes

Always be with a pray’r

That you’d be well somewhere

Till night when you are near;

Why were you often gone?

And kept me stay alone

Hitting the road till dusk

Wore out all through the bones;

Lighted doorsteps shall wait

Rocking chair, a creaking

Heavy steps pound your gait

Humming, whistling, calling;

   I prayed and hoped and smiled

                                                   Dear Lord, you’ve brought him home

                                                          This must not be too late

                                                           His last to see me gone.