Friends are jewels. I cannot qualify myself as an outgoing type but I am friendly. I don’t loop around my neck a thick string of friends even way back at student years either up to today, after spending almost half my lifetime working to earn a living, but I do treasure them very much as I would a relative or a family. I have been the indoor type. I habitually go for books and listening to music and watching talk shows, sometimes films. In my heyday, I have had a small circle of friends at school, on television, and on shows when I was singing. Those were Streisand, Angela Bofil, Abba, Debbie Boone, and my band days.

When I found work in the government, I have thrown my attention within a small circle of office mates, co-workers, church mates, face book pals (my most recent) and some so-so acquaintances. I have shared great laughs with those closer to me, had coffee together, travelled dined, tete-a-tete, even shared secrets and teased.  To some they were simply hi and bye, how are you and take care.

                A month ago, my little team was moved to another office at another building on another side of the block. A couple hundred yards distance meant goodbye to those whom I really thought were my friends. The “transition” brought new insights when worked occupies my mind. It has sparked brilliant ideas (I could call them that) and in a short span of time I’ve gone a little busier than before. Well, yes, the new assignments kind of perked me up. I have six people to get work done and a boss and the Big Boss who is the mayor.

                My “now” friends rescued me from the “mess” of stress. They were with me and around me when they’d see I needed some ears, pats and sincere smiles. And I believed them. On days when I was pre occupied with deep thoughts (it meant my head was buzzing of something useful and nice and my brain was churning as fast as my stomach does) and when I started to get occupied in making notes, doing research, reviewing updates for use as references on a particular segment for the radio program, I could rely on their supportive silence. People I’ve known decades from my past lifetime are suddenly back into my life as I stumbled along them; our paths crossed and found ourselves together again.

                Rose was my husband Alan’s friend’s wife. We’ve known each other some twenty years or more ago. She was our daughter’s godparent. It was oh, so heart warming to talk to her again. She is intelligent and a lady. She is direct yet solicitous. She respects my opinion and shares hers. She was the same the first time we met and spoken with each other. These are the reasons why I never regretted casting away my eyes from “friends” whom I discovered were the wrong ones and so much grateful to a rekindled friendship.

                This morning I found myself musing. Perhaps, there should really be something to lose to find something better. And I say distance is not a BIG obstacle to have found humble, sincere and deserving people I can call friends. My family is my lifetime treasure. They are jewels and riches in one. But true friends are gems. In social relationships, I needed them as much as I need my husband, children and siblings.




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