Hi, my name is …

Hi, my name is Ma.Concepcion Jesiree Monteposo. I’m from the Philippines. I was a B.S.Nursing graduate but worked as Information Officer in a local government unit. I really love to write, you know. I used to write poems too. I also love baking cakes, concocting recipes for a dessert and went into food processing. I love to sing.  In fact I was a paid singer at weddings. I’m married. My husband is a pianist.I practically grew up in a family environment that were a good bunch of artists. My mom was a ballet dancer while my dad was a singer and a martial arts instructor.They were both classroom teachers.I love things that are fashionable but not too flashy.There is a bit of an old fashion in me, but, I am open to something trendy and pretty and modern. Just keep on following , you’ll get to know me more. I have lots and lots of stories, parenting tips,experiences about plants, food and books. Have fun, enjoy. Have a great day. 


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